The barcode tattoo

First day in the office for over a week and on the way in had to wait at the railway level crossing because the barriers were down. A bloke stood in front of me had what appeared to be a barcode tattooed on the back of his neck, just below the hairline.

I wanted to take a photo or maybe have a go at scanning the barcode but I didn’t think this was a sensible thing to do with someone who was capable of having his neck tattooed in this way. Especially with 60 or so people stood around waiting.

Still, it leaves me wondering what the barcode format used was and what it said. I guess he probably thought it might come in handy in the event of him being rendered unconscious through of overconsumption of snakebite or special brew. A passer by need only scan his neck and tell the taxi driver where to take him. We shall probably never know:)

PS In future it would make more  sense for everyone to have their own ipv6 address/subnet and have that tattooed somewhere discretely. Far more useful.

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  1. Phil Veale

    This is actually becoming quite common.

    There’s even a handy guide here;

  2. Lindsey Annison Lindsey Annison

    G4 reference number, Phil?!

  3. Mitch

    Wasn’t bald was he?

    Perhaps he’s a fan of the Hitman video game franchise that was made into a film starring Timothy Olyphant as the main character, Agent 47 which the player controls in the games although Agent 47’s barcode is on the back of his head rather than his neck.

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