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  1. Trefor Davies


  1. Obviously there is no good reason to specify the use/sell by date to the nearest second. However, the manufacturer would find it useful to know when the product was manufactured & packaged. Specifying this to the nearest second simplifies allocation of blame if there is a problem (can’t’ve been me guv cos I was on my tea break then). Unfortunately this would mean that your yoghurt was manufactured almost a year ago (on a midsummer’s evening). But if it smelled and tasted ok then I wouldn’t worry 🙂

  2. I hear they have discovered stone age pots of yoghurt kept fresh in the frozen Siberian tundra that have been perfectly edible. Assuming you like mammoth flavour yoghurt that is.

  3. I believe the time shown here is the time of manufacture with the associated batch number below. In the case of any issues, the manufacturer can trace back to batches and even sections of batches based on time to pinpoint any potential issue.

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