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  1. Trefor Davies


  1. A lot of incompetence on shelf pricing everywhere. In PC world you can almost forget knowing what the price is ahead of buying it.

    I’ve seen offers in Tesco like £1.50 each or 3 for £5 which I put down to the rise of stupidity generally. Recruiting standards are low too – like EE’s retail apprenticeships “If you’re aged 16 or over and no longer in full-time education, you’re eligible to apply for an EE Apprenticeship. That said, for some schemes – like our Head Office Apprenticeship – we do ask that you also have at least five GCSEs, including Maths and English at grades A-C.”

  2. It may not be incompetence at all – this is how they can change the price on the 4 pack a week later and legitimately state it’s 25% off (compared to last week’s price).

    I have in the past taken many photos of Baked Bean prices in my local Tesco, it is a constant sauce* of amusement.

    *Rich Tomato with no added sugar, or something like that

    1. This is something that will be worth monitoring. Maybe they just put the price of the 4 pack up this week so that they could drop it again next week. Stay tuned. Not that I go to our Tesco that much now. Although it is the nearest supermarket to our house it is too big! I prefer to have a gentle wander around Waitrose.

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