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A game of two halves, a bit of extra time and the hopes of a nation – England v Uruguay

fifa_250England v Uruguay – reports in the build up to the latest most important match for England.

England v Uruguay – a game of two halves, report on two halves for an audience of two halves – I suspect that a big chunk of the readership of this blog are not the least bit interested in football. I’m not particularly interested meself. Although you do occasionally get an exciting match this is quite rare and games are often quite tedious with very few goals to liven up the proceedings. This is usually the case when it comes to FA Cup Finals where both sides are more desperate to not lose than to win and also England games where the team rarely gels and offers a cardboard display of football.

Tonight then is the big one. It’s not big in the same way that the World Cup Final is big. It’s big in the sense that once more England need to win to have a hope of proceeding to the next stage of the tourney. The problem is that Uruguay are in the same boat so they aren’t going to just roll over and say “oh okay then”. If this was a run of the mill international you would probably bet on Uruguay to win. As it happens this game is a little akin to the FA Cup where there may well be a favourite but actually anything can happen.

Mind you I don’t feel the same sense of excitement in the air that existed during the last world cup where the whole country seemed implausibly optimistic about progression “at least through to the semis and then who knows…”. I will watch the game as the kids and my wife will be sat in front of the TV with the latter getting particularly emulsional.

I envisage several posts match interview texts being prepared:

The win: I was really pleased for the lads. It was a game of two halves and we went in to the dressing room at half time knowing we had a job to do. Some of the senior players had their say and we went out for the second half determined to do our best for the fans. I thought that Nobby was outstanding in defence and Jacko’s goal was superb. He could easily have had two or three more. Davo was his brilliant self and some of his passes really made the differences from the left wing. The real hero for me though was Bert in goal. How he managed to keep that Carlos/Louis/Juan/Miguel/Josef/Pablo/Emile/Rodgigo 1 goal out in the last minute of added time I will never know. We now have go back to our hotel, relax a bit and prepare for the next match.

The loss: Gutted…disappointed…things just didn’t work for us out there tonight…   nngggg   …   guurrrgghh   …   Dobbo   …

The press is going to have a field day whatever the result. A win will mean lots of further excitement on the first 20 pages of the tabloids. Page 3 will have a girl wearing nothing but a pair of England football shorts and waving two flags of St George. A loss will have calls to sack the manager, demands for an independent high level investigation into why the team is so crap and never gets anywhere on the big stage together with loud mutterings that the Premier League might well be the best in the world but there aren’t enough English players playing in it.

Ah well. The game could go either way. The most important thing is to make sure that the fridge has enough beer in it to last the whole match.

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2 replies on “A game of two halves, a bit of extra time and the hopes of a nation – England v Uruguay”

Do England need to Win ? While it would be a good idea, mathematically a draw and a subsequent win against Costa Rica would give them 4 points, which if Italy beat Costa Rica would mean Italy and England going through ?

or am I just showing my ignorance of sport 😉

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