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Average broadband prices expressed as pints of beer

Average broadband prices roughly equal 5 pints of beer a month ( 3 pints if you live in London).

We have introduced an average broadband price element to This allows punters to see what the average monthly cost of a broadband line is over the period of a contract.

The average pricing takes into consideration any up front incentives and also any set up costs (router delivery charges etc). Where a reduced cost line rental is available the lower price is assumed. This is normally for an annual upfront payment.

The “normal” broadband (ie ADSL) average price works out at £14.35 a month. This is slightly skewed by TalkTalk who don’t bundle any telephone calls into their deal whilst the others chuck in at least weekend calls. Seeing as a lot of people only use their mobile phones these days we don’t see that as a huge issue.

Monthly charges will increase once the initial incentives are out of contract but in theory there isn’t anything to stop consumer switching supplier every time this happens.

The average “fibre” pricing is £24.42, also taking into consideration offers and incentives (the TalkTalk telephony observation remains)

For periods of time when ISPs aren’t offering cashback or rewards their average prices are significantly higher and presumably means lower new customer signup/higher churn. You have to believe that ISPs are also assuming low churn after the initial contract period as I can’t see much margin in their deals otherwise.

The cost difference between normal broadband and fibre is around £10 which presumably represents the difference in bandwidth usage costs. Broadband is certainly very cheap now. The average price of a pint of beer in the UK is £2.90. That means that regular broadband is the equivalent of around 5 pints a month. Fibre is more like 8 1/2 pints. That’s very affordable.

Londoners get an even better deal which will bemuse our rural friends as beer is usually a lot more expensive in the capital. Their tourist rip off prices are nearer a fiver a pint so we are talking less than three pints for a broadband line. Amazingly affordable I’d say:)

More details on the average prices here.

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3 replies on “Average broadband prices expressed as pints of beer”

slightly inaccurate reporting there tref. it isn’t fibre broadband if it comes down a phone line. you should quote the real prices for fibre broadband if you are gonna call it that.
just sayin

I googled it. It’s the average price right across the UK. You will have to give up those designer lagers 🙂 Also feel free to use your own cost of a pint and work some different numbers:)

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