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Summertime and the Avon SSS has arrived

Avon SSS sung to the tune of Summertime

The Avon SSS has arrived. Avon Skin So Soft, the ultimate in midge repellant. No boy scout serious beach surfin’ camper should be without. As used by the Royal Marines in jungle warfare training, apparently. And perfect for going to Hillend campsite in the Gower.

We aren’t going for another month but it doesn’t stop me from getting excited and starting the preparations.

You can’t buy Avon SSS in the shops but don’t worry. I have for your convenience provided a link direct to the right page on the Avon website. Voila

Note the two bottles – better safe than sorry.

This is one of a series of summer holiday posts. The next one, if I remember will be all about flags and flagpoles with a specific mention of Uganda.

Stay tuned to to find out more. You heard it first etc etc etc…

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