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Facebook notifications with phishing links

Don’t do it! – Facebook notification phishing.

Facebook notification phishing whereby someone shares a post on your page and provides a phishing link within the text is new to me. Our Anne’s Vans website Facebook Page just received such a notification using a link to a phishing site. My wife spotted the notification and asked what she should do. The notification said that unless she verified the page it would be shut down.

I took a look and it is clearly a phishing site. The interesting thing is that whilst I reported the page there doesn’t appear to be a means of deleting the notification – I don’t particularly want the link hanging around. Even reporting the page only lets me block it. In fact it was a post within the page that let me do this rather than the page itself.

I don’t particularly want to hang around the page to play with it any more so I’ve moved on, other than to pen this swift blog post on the subject.

I guess the issue is that this going to catch some people out. Anne wasn’t sure what to do so she asked me. Some will just take the notification as read and fill in the facebook login details that were being requested.

Facebook notification phishing is new to me and is a slightly disappointing attempt at a scam. The previous ones I’ve seen have involved friend requests from scantily clad females which I have,with a heavy heart, reluctantly had to block 🙂

It would be interesting to hear if others have seen such phishing attempts.

It remains to be seen  whether Facebook takes down the page. I will let you know, obvs. In the meantime I’m getting ready to go off camping in Derbyshire for the weekend. The forecast is rain, sleet and temperatures approaching zero!

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