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missed call from 0161 662 6518

Accidentally left my phone on mute and noticed I had missed a call from  0161 662 6518. Hmm  I thought. Who do  I know that lives in Manchester. Might have been someone calling to discuss the Draft Comms Data Bill Report that I am in the middle of reading and digesting.

I googled the number and found that others had had the same missed call. Seems to come from some outfit styling themselves as “Claims Professionals”. Lowest of the low in my view. Glad I missed the call.

Wonder what this blog is about?

Details on whereto complain can be found here.

More info on dodgy phone number stuff here.


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It’s one of these PPI reclaiming outfits.

I sometimes wonder if some of them are setup by the banks with the idea of making everyone so fed up of the calls that they always tell the caller to go away and in the end the banks actually get less PPI claims made back against them.

It’s actually a brilliant strategy.

I’d tend to disagree with Phil… I claimed back PPI years ago, when Santander (Alliance and Leicester at the time) were found guilty of misselling. They contacted all of their customers stating that they had bought PPI within a certain time frame and that they may be eligible for a refund. I filled in the form, including the part that asked why I had bought the insurance, honestly, and didn’t really expect anything back. I got a couple of rather hefty cheques a couple of weeks or so later.

Had I been contacted by this company, or any other purporting to have the ability to make a claim for me, I would probably have refused their help but made a claim directly to the bank anyway. Middle men always take their cut, and this sort of claim doesn’t need any sort of legal help if your reasons are clear cut and genuine.

But the trouble is, the banks aren’t contacting anyone, or if they are, they’re not contacting me….But I get dozens of calls and texts every month from other companies offering PPI reclaiming services.

No, I don’t suspect they are, but I wonder whether these unsolicited calls might prompt people to make a claim directly with their loan companies rather than with a third party, thereby increasing the number of claims that the banks get rather than reducing it.

I’ve never taken out PPI either, and wish they’d stop calling me. If they tell you that you’re owed money when you are, and also tell you you’re owed money when you’re not…how can you trust them?

This is why I wondered whether it was a clever way of creating so muhc annoyance amongst people who get these calls that evena few people who perhaps ARE owed money get annoyed too and tell everyone to go away, even when unbeknownst to them, perhaps they ARE owed some money.

I mean, there has to be some explanation for why it hasn’t all been repaid already…

I have had same missed call 4 times. Once last week an three times this week. It was Starting to freak me out. I am glad I missed the call as it could have been charging me hundreds of pounds to answer. I recieved a call about an hour ago but I turned of my phone. Someone please get rid of claims professional forever. I wish to see them go to prison with their scams.

Hi, I also received a call from this number yesterday, but my phone was also on mute so I missed it. When I have answered such calls as this (which appear to be calling from a bona fide landline number rather than 0800/0845 lines) I have said that I will take legal action if they don’t stop calling, as it is an unsolicited call and could be seen as harrassment – that should stop them.

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