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Availability checker.

30/10/11 Update

Seeing as we had all the news about BT pulling forward the FTTC exchange rollout dates this morning I thought I’d provide updated copies of the schedule. Not as much as some would like for the future ones but the info will come

Anyway here we have:

Exchanges Accepting orders now

Exchanges Coming soon and

Future Exchanges

The files download separately as XL spreadsheets. Mine goes live in March next year.

Thought you would also be interesterd to see a note I got from BT Wholesale last week:

We are pleased to announce that we will soon be inviting all Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) customers to a trial of the upcoming WBC FTTC 80Mbit/s downstream 20Mbit/s upstream product option.

Faster FTTC is on its way.

FTTC availability checker

Some spiel on what exactly FTTC is can be found here.

Pricing here.

If anyone wants to preregister for FTTC they can email to [email protected] and I’ll get back to you.

Photos of cabinets here and  here.

FTTC and FTTP architectures here.

BT Openreach FTTC / FTTP fibre broadband product pages here.

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Hi Tref
My exchange is said to be accepting orders now but not for my number which presumably means that my cab has not been done. I had, naively I guess, assumed that they were doing whole exchange areas but now I’m not so sure. Does this mean that they are actually not going to do this cab – we are at the rural end Bollington (MRBOL) TE – or that they have just gone live on those cabs that are done and the rest will follow?

I’m afraid it isn’t that simple Duncan. Even if your cabinet has been done not all cabs have 100% lines FTTC enabled. Some wiring isn’t in good enough condition for example. BT did originally plan to infill gaps in the fttc estate with fttp so that they would get 100% coverage. I’m not sure that this plan is particularly advanced though. If I get a chance later I will see if I can look at the plan for the cab serving your particular postcode if you want to email it to me.

Thanks Trev
The post code is SK10 4PL (but this postcode actually marks the boundary between Poynton and Bollington exchanges) – I think we are served by Cab 12 of Bollington. I believe the line plant from the cab is in pretty good nick – a planner I spoke to said it dated from the mid 90’s which is pretty good for copper and we had a new DP installed about 10 years ago (I was on the board of BT Network Build at the time, which helped) – we’re right on the edge of the exchange area but we get about 2.5meg at the moment which also indicates good quality plant.. If they upgrade the cab and it’s not 100% then I’d hope my powers of persuasion would be enough to grab on to the fibre lines.

Our exchange (Chester-le-Street) was FTTC enabled last year, and they upgraded virtually all of the cabinets in the area – except ours! (Cabinet 18).

Also, our postcode (DH2 3SP) is served by 2 different cabinets, so putting in the postcode in the availability checker showed we could get FTTC, but not when we put in the phone number. Annoying!

Out of the blue last week it looks like they have installed a cabinet on the other side of the road from the existing Cabinet 18…I am assuming this the new FTTC cabinet? So…2 questions, if I may:

1) Do your sources say if this new cabinet is indeed a new FTTC cabinet for cabinet 18?
2) If so, any idea how long it takes for the availability checker to update with the new info? If I put our phone number in now it still says no FTTC avaialble.

Many thanks!



My exchange “Hengoed” for postcode CF82 says its “FTTC enabled” yet the BT infinity website says FTTC is not available in my area. I recall BT telling me that even if my exchange i am on is enabled, my home may not be wired up to it (home to exchange link)? Can you explain this to me, and how/when this might change. I am with Sky for my boradband and telephone services at the moment, and see they just announced that they are rolling out FTTC too? I want to know when i will be able to access this.


Interesting that of all the 1296 exchanges listed in ‘accepting’, ‘future’ and ‘coming soon’, only 4 are in Gloucestershire. BT must think we’re all farmers!

Any ideas why that would be – why only 4?

Thanks for the post Trefor

Must either be a mistake or in need of updating – I’ll take a look. Alternatively of course it could well be that BT doesn’t care about Gloucestershire but I can’t believe that for one moment 🙂

Hi Tref,

So I get that only some cabinets are enabled. I’m planning to move to BS39 7LG and would love to know when/if it will become FTTC enabled before I move. Can you help?

Thanks 🙂

Hi, could ou update me on cabinet p15 on wf2 7pd as the checker shows that and p14.. as phone checker says we cant get inf i hazard a guess we’re on p15 which is not on the phase plan.. could you verify that?

Hi tref
I know that my nearest cabinet is no 27 (bridgefoot workington cumbria ca14 1xu) and that we are planned for fttc late june 2013

is there any way to find the location of the box so I can assess distance. It may be that getting bt infinity is not worth doing if I’m (say) 1km away?

regards, Phil

Hi Tref,

Inverness Culloden is my exchange, its accepting orders but ive no idea where my cab is let alone if its been/going to be upgraded, can you help at all ?

House No.85


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