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IWF Update

You may remember the fuss surrounding the anti-child porn agency, Internet Watch Foundation back in December 2008. The IWF blocked access to a Wikipedia webpage causing much consternation.

The IWF Council is meeting tomorrow for a post mortem on the issue and is discussing setting up a technical workgroup to find a way around the problems created at the time.

The organisation is having to deal with a highly complex issue and there isn’t the space to cover it all here. What is interesting is the fact that the criminals involved are already combating the efforts of organisations such as the IWF.

Illegal images containing child pornography are often made up of thousands of separate images, a single pixel in size and each pixel containing an URL.  This way a specific URL does not contain illegal content but the combined effect does.

I’m sure I will have some feedback from the IWF meeting and will report back as and when.