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The European Commission has Issued its Digital Competitiveness Report

The European Commission is claiming the credit for increasing internet usage in Europe.  In its Digital Competitiveness Report, published a few days ago, it said “the number of regular internet users has increased from 43% in 2005 to 56% in 2008”. Apparently it is all down to it’s i2010 Strategy formulated in 2005.

Fair play to them, I say. Next time someone tells me that YouTube, Facebook, myspace, iPlayer et al are responsible for increased internet usage I will know how to respond 🙂

The report also goes on to say that “the market for mobile phones has exceeded 100% penetration — increasing from 84% of the EU population in 2004 to 119% in 2009. This makes Europe the world leader in mobile penetration, as the rates in the US and Japan are around 80%.

Consumers spend more time talking and texting at prices at least 34.5% less than in 2004, including a 70% drop in roaming charges since 2005.”

At least it is fair to give the EC the credit for the drop in roaming charges. It does amuse me, however, to think that you can have over 100% market penetration. I know this means people have two phones but it doesn’t quite sound right does it?