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Domain name misspellings

Found another domain parasite today, if that is the right word. I was going onto and typed in by mistake. It takes you to a site completely unrelated to facebook that is just trying to make money out of click-throughs.

Actually there is nothing illegal about this and I suppose there is a limit to how many derivatives of your own domain it makes sense to register. I’ve registered a few for this site – 10 or so as I recall, but mostly just the suffix variants, .net, .org, etc. and would have gone when DNS first appeared. Trefor is a village in Wales and a solid Welsh Christian name (Huw Trefor Davies for those who want to know my full moniker). In fact the name Trefor is derived from tref (Welsh word for “town”) and or (Welsh for “from”). There you go. You learn lots of useful bits of information on this site:-) .

I considered myself very lucky to find that was not taken last year. Someone must have not renewed it. The roll of the dice…