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Digital Economy Bill will influence voting behaviour #debill #ge2010

Don’t you just love the internet.  Yesterday’s Digital Economy bill non debate has spawned some highly creative responses, which to a large extent goes to show why we should keep the internet free and open.

Did your MP turn up for the debate? – find out on

Also some highly illuminating stats on last night’s action can be found here.

Register opposition to the bill here.

I haven’t made my mind up how to vote yet in this Election. It is the hardest decision I have had to make of all the Elections I have voted in.  There is a groundwsell of opinion forming though that people might well vote against the Government that created this mess. This is despite the fact that the opposition by and large seems also hell bent on helping to make it a mess.

My vote will probably stay a secret but it would be interesting to hear others’ views on this.