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I like this blog to be populated mainly with original material from the Trefor Davies world. Sometimes you just have to link to another source to give credit for magnificent reporting. The two links below are both from the Register.

This first one reveals that the management at Thus have inadvertently compared the Cable and Wireless acquisition of their company with the Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster.

The second appeared a while ago and was a beautiful piece of prose designed to be read by afficionados of the Technology Section of the Sunday Sport – I assume there is one.

Long live the free press.

End User internet

Large Hadron Collider

The LHC is in the news at the moment. I am pleased to tell you that I gave a talk at CERN probably 15 years or more ago, about radiation hard circuit design using Silicon on Sapphire technology. The LHC was being planned at that time. It involved having to go to Geneva and dining in the executive canteen (restaurant) in the company of 3 Nobel prizewinners.

It’s all very well of course but how does this relate to the subject matter covered in this blog. Much of the R&D for the world wide web was done at CERN, culminating in the world’s first ever website in 1990 (pictured below – sorry I don’t have the source to credit other than CERN themselves).

For anyone worried about the end of the world happening when they switch on the experiment follow this link for reassurance