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The 2011 Timico Network Operations Awards – what a great team

The Netops team assembles for pizza, champagne and the Annual Timico Network Operations Awards

Penny Wilkinson accepts overall champion award/holiday certificate for David Sears who is on holidayXabi Merino leader of the Timico data centre projectTimico Group Ops Director Calum Malcolm holds the sorting hat whilst CEO Chris Tombs draws the name for the overall winner of the Group Ops Employee of the YearMichael Goodinson - builder of the best NOC display in the businessKarl Dawson - runs a very tight project management shipIan Christian has built a top quality VM platformDi Davies -her attention to detail  made sure the whole Timico data centre project ran to scheduleGareth Bryan - a giant amongst engineers bends down to receive his award from CEO Chris TombsLaura Compton receives an award for great work doneHow do you thank a great team that has bust a gut for you all year to make your operation a success?

You have pizza and champagne for lunch at the Annual Timico Network Operations Awards.

This has been a special year because the team has had the new data centre project to contend with on top of having to deliver another record year of sales.

The data centre has been delivered on time and everyone is busing a gut to get the last few customer networks provisioned before the Christmas break, and as it happens our financial year end.

Hover your mouse over each photo to find out more about the person in it.  The prizes are being handed out by Timico CEO Chris Tombs.

Group Ops Director Calum Malcolm stays discretely in the background but this is his team and a special thanks must go to him from the business for making it all happen.

The overall winner of Engineer of the Year is David Sears whose prize was accepted on his behalf by Penny Wilkinson. David, or Biscuit as he is known internally, happens to be on holiday. His prize is, wait for it, a holiday – choice as I recall of Paris, Brussels, Rome or Scunthorpe (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it). Well done guys – it’s great to work with you 🙂

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Royal Treatement For Netops Team

The Timico Network Operations Team is up at HQ today in preparation for the big Christmas Party. We apply the same principles for them as we do for the Royal Family. They aren’t all allowed to come up in the same car (apart from the fact that it would have been a tight squeeze).

We did it in shifts which meant that the NOC was manned at all times. I do believe that these guys deserve special treatment in any case. We are talking serious commitment to the job. They are online every waking hour of the day and one of them, I’m told, religiously develops code on his laptop in bed on a Sunday morning. It does take a special type of nutcase to want to do this but the job satisfaction is very high and I certainly appreciate the efforts they put in. If they didn’t know that before they do now.

My thanks also go out to Chris Nicholls who is manfully on call tonight and will miss the show.