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Review of 2010 #DEAct #bandwidth, #mobile #wifi #deappg

Wow what happened to 2010? As the years go by they seem to go more quickly. The faster they go the more I try to cram into them which makes them go even faster! You have to do it -we’ll be a long time pushing up daisies!

With so much happening it is difficult to pick out the wood from the trees (I can see this post is going to be riddled with clichés). In fact as CTO of an ISP I am having to be more and more of a generalist because our world is now filled with so many rapidly changing issues and technologies that trying to keep up with developments is a full time job.

Keep it simple stupid

So really I have to keep it simple and stick to big messages. This is something I learnt during the year in my involvement with UK internet politics.