End User social networking

using new mobile plug ins WPtouch & Social Sharing Toolkit #WordPress

Having asked Twitter last night which mobile plug in I should use for this site the unanimous response was WPtouch.  Note when I say unanimous here I mean that every one that responded said WPtouch – not the whole of the Twitter world, most of who do not follow me anyway – just in case I confused you there, which I know I probably didn’t 🙂

Anyway I tested the plug in on a different site and it seemed to work out of the box so I have now activated it directly on If you are reading this post from a mobile device I’d be grateful for any feedback.

I was prompted to install this plug in as a result of a comment received during last month’s world record attempt. I also took on board the need to have individual buttons for Facebook Likes, G+ etc. These come from the Social Sharing Toolkit plug-in, now active here and which has replaced AddToAny. Looks like quite a handy plug in that one.

There is one more tweek I need to make and that is to replace the separate “most commented” and “recent posts” widget in the right hand sidebar with a single one that has tabs to select those with a further “most visited” tab added in for good measure. So far I’m to happy with the one I’ve found  to that one will need a bit more work.

Y’all have a nice day now 🙂