Swine flu already affecting ISP industry in UK

I was looking forward to writing today’s blog post because I had a meeting lined up with Stephen Carter, UK Government  Minister for Communications.  It was, I’m sure, going to provide me with rich pickings with which to fuel the blog. Unfortunately this was cancelled at the last minute because the Minister was called into an “urgent cross-Government meeting” […]

dephormation #phorm

I was doing some site maintenance on this blog this morning and came across a widget that prevents phorm from detecting that users have visited this website. The authors have a website https://www.dephormation.org.uk/ which provides the most comprehensive source of information on the subject of phorm I have seen.  It contains quotes and videos from pretty […]

Digital Britain Interim Report

The UK Government has today published Stephen Carter’s interim report on Digital Britain (see previous post). I am a big supporter of what the Government is trying to do here though it is such a huge task or set of tasks that it remains to be seen how successful they will be. The report is 80 […]