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Will the real Gary Moore please stand up and play the guitar!

image of guitar strings

When I was a kid one of my favourite songs was Parisienne Walkways by Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore.  Imagine my delight when Gary just went and walked right into my office this afternoon. He was visiting Newark and I am honoured to inform you that he said he couldn’t come all this way without popping in to say hello.

Of course he isn’t a rock star any more – happens to the best of them. He now works as a broadband specialist for BT Wholesale. Still plays the guitar though. He saw the NetOps guitar in my office and went straight for it. And yes he sang that song. I don’t remember it being all in the chord of A but who am I to say?

Gary, I am please to say has only lost a little of his old touch. You have to keep practising I said to him and don’t lose touch with your roots. Anyway click on the header photo to see the real Gary Moore (thanks for being such a good sport).