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Sgt Reckless 5.15 Wednesday Cheltenham Festival

I’ve been struggling to get post out in recent weeks. Too much travelling. I’m back in the office today. More meetings! Back in London tomorrow. Meetings. I might get a chance to stick a word or two down.

In the meantime I’m in a meeting. However I have just taken time out to put a bet on a horse. Our CEO Tim owns a few gee gees and every now and again comes in very excitedly telling us we must put a bet on one particular horse or another.

The first time he did this we were quite a small business. His horse Racing Demon was running somewhere and the whole office bet on it – we brought in a TV especially to watch the race. I won a few hundred quid.

Since then he has given me a few tips and one way or another I’ve not been able to get a bet on. When that happens the horse has usually been just out of the money. Phew.

Today Tim came in to the meeting oozing excitement. He has a horse running. Sgt Reckless 5.15 Wednesday, Cheltenham. That’s it in the pic. No idea who the others are. Tim can probably tell us if he feels like leaving a comment.

I’ve opened an account with William Hill and made a bet. Won’t mention how much. I got 13/2. It was 15/2 when I started to look. Tim got in early and got 33s.

Not told Mrs Davies. She will find out soon enough when she looks at the bank balance.  All will be well, when it wins…

Watch the race and join in the fun:)

That’s all folks.

PS racing is like the stock market – horses can win and lose – I take no responsibility for your losses but am happy to be welcomed to the champagne party if it wins.

Cloud datacentre Engineer

Data centre finishing touches featuring Tim and Neil

Timico Marketing Director Neil Armstrong savours a duck kebab in food tasting - prep for Timico Data Centre opening partyracks in the new Timico data centreIt won’t be long inside an empty rack in the Timico data centre now before we actually move in to the new data centre and start kitting it out. The racks are going in as I write and the header photo shows Marketing Director Neil Armstrong working his way through a full sample buffet in preparation for the big opening night in January. His attention to detail means that he has to taste every dish.  Hollow legs that man and not an inch of excess weight on him!

Pictured below is Timico chairman Tim Radford trying to find his way out of the maze of racks.

Tim Radford inspects a row of racks in the Timico data centre