The Christmas tree is dead, bring on 2014

These days Christmas, much to my wife’s annoyance, is technology filled. Life is, in fact, technology filled. Us kids sit around buried in our gadgets, often having more of a conversation online than in real life. We still though like the romantic images of Christmas time. Carol singing round the Christmas tree (I do it […]

The Christmas tree season is upon us

As my express speeds trundles at a modest pace in a Southerly direction, laden with the additional passengers of two earlier broken down trains (or simlar) I note a conversation on Twitter turning to Christmas trees and decorations. At this juncture it would be remiss of me not to draw your attention to a post from one […]

The technical business of Christmas trees & the art of netting a boy

Christmas trees. You plant ‘em, they grow for a few years, you chop ‘em down and shove em in your living room for a few short weeks.  By the time the needles start to fall off their job is done and they are consigned to the pile of rubbish at the bottom of the garden. […]