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To get 2012 off to a racing start we will be having a bit of fun on and aiming for a world record for “Most comments on an online news story in 24 hours”

This is a genuine Guinness World Records® category in which the current record stands at 100,000. That’s just over one comment a second. Should be easy huh? :)

The attempt begins at 6am GMT on Thursday 5th January 2012 and ends 24 hours later. It would be nice to think that we could smash the existing record by a country mile. Someone mentioned 1million comments – why not? I’ll be blogging about how we came up with the idea between Christmas and New Year but basically the idea was to raise cash for the RNLI. Look out for more info next week & this is how you can become a sponsor.

Between now and then the blog is moving to a high availability, high performance platform, details of which will be made available in a blog post on Tuesday 3rd January.

In the meantime there is much spreading of the word to do to make this a great success.  You will be kept up to speed with any relevant news regarding the world record either on the blog, Twitter (#comment24), Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn (actually all of the above).

We will also be letting you know in advance the type of content that will be in the post for the record attempt so that you can get your thinking hats on in advance for your own comment.

It would be great if you could spread the word on this by “liking”,” Linking”, “sharing” “tweeting” or just telling your friends by good old fashioned “word of mouth”. also has a page on Facebook where you can find out more and a Facebook event here.

Hope you can help  🙂

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  1. Having woken up listening to the news on radio four the other day, you cannot underestimate the dedication and commitment Mr and Mrs Lawrence have had in trying to bring justice for the death of their son Stephen. 19 long years of fighting the establishment. To fight and keep fighting against all the odds is truly inspirational.

  2. Good work. Let’s hope ya make it! You might find it more sucessful if you have a link on ya front page. It’s hard to find the “Comments” link

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