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Importance of good web design – effect on a sales campaign

BlackBerry,technical,support,contract,UK,TimicoInteresting to see the importance of good web design in action. We have been running a campaign to sell BlackBerry Technical support. Despite not being trendy anymore many businesses out there use BlackBerry and we sell support.

Initially we were seeing quite a bit of interest but not seeing page views convert to new business. The old landing page was too much like a brochure with not enough “call to action”.

This was changed and we have immediately seen a substantial increase in business taken via the web. Over time we are going to systematically evolve our whole web strategy taking on board lessons learnt.

This might prompt some comments:  “doh – blimmin obvious” etc. Especially knowing what we know about the UK’s internet economy. Well Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s also worth noting that at the end of that (hot and sunny) Roman day there is more to being geared up for the “internet economy” than just having a good website.

For a B2B  ISP this involves integrating our own systems infrastructure with that our our customers: making adds moves and changes easy, ticket generation and tracking, network alerts, billing etc etc etc.

There is quite a bit going on wrt systems development at Timico so look out for posts in the very near future.

Coming back to the BlackBerry support this device is one under threat from the Bring Your Own Device revolution and the consumerisation of the workplace. It’s an important area for a mobile ISP and therefore also one I will be covering a lot more. After all tech support for BlackBerry is not a new proposition but providing the same level of support for a plethora of smart phones brought in to work by staff is as different game altogether.

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On a similar theme you guys aren’t helping yourself with the Page Title – by putting your email address and phone number there you are missing great SEO opportunities!

The Page Title is *really* important to Search Engines so you should be using it to push related terms… It’s not just on that page but throughout the site.

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