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Samsung Galaxy Gear – dummies on display – no test – time wasted trip

When my phone upgraded itself to Android 4.3 it told me it would now work with Samsung Galaxy Gear. Okaay. So I went to PC World where I had previously noted a quintet of the watches on display.

Malheureusement they were all dummy display versions. I asked whether they had any real ones in stock – after all who is going to buy something like that without kicking the tyres first. Testing it. Expensive tyres. Nope they didn’t carry stock. They thought there might be one available in the Mansfield branch. Fwiw.

Not worth driving to Mansfield to try one out. Anyone else got one? One wonders how many they have sold in the UK. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was in single figures. If Samsung were confident of the product they would be putting them into the stores. They don’t appear to be doing so. Innit?

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LG made a phone watch, presumably it didn’t sell as it swiftly disappeared.

The Gear is a variation on a theme but this time distributing the processing between the phone and watch, with the cellular radio being in the phone rather than the watch.

I think its a solution looking for a problem, no?

Once you have read my user review of the Pebble Smart Watch, you may re consider your decision the purchase of a Galaxy Gear. Who knows you may get an iOS device in the future, Pebble operates on Android and iOS.


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