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The Ducks Are Lined Up

We have just finished hiring more staff for the Networks Operation Team. This has taken some time because we wanted to be sure that we found the right people.

I have to say that the wait has been worth it. Timico now has a superb core of people that will drive the network forwards. I’m sure it helped that they had the new Network Operations Centre to move into but also that there is a lot of technical action here at Timico. The business is constantly developing.

We are very fortunate as a business in the people that we employ. Today I sat in at the final presentation of a group of corporate account managers who had been working on developing multi-site communications solutions proposals. The team, mentored by yours truly, did a great job (I know, I know I would say that wouldn’t I).

I guess the point is that it’s people that make the difference to a business and to our customers and I am happy to be working with such a great crowd.

The photo? Ducks, because they have to be lined up to be successful, and because you can’t always take life too seriously. 

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