When Things Go Wrong…

Broadband Network Operations Centre spots when a line goes down I was in the broadband Network Operations Centre  the other day talking to the guys. We were looking at our instance of the Solar Winds network monitoring tool. Then I remembered I was on the way to see a customer later that day so I asked […]

Rolls Royce visit Timico NOC as model example – well impressed

It’s hugely satisfying to get contacted by people out of the blue to be asked if they can come and visit your Network Operations Centre because they have heard that it is a great reference  model. This was the case with engineering giant Rolls Royce who are building their own NOC and wanted to come […]

View from inside a Network Operations Centre #digitalbritain

I’m excited to say that the new NOC is now up and running as the header photo shows. The screen content is evolving at the moment but is intended to serve as a useful visual monitor of what is going on in the Timico network. The photo on the left shows the room being built. The […]

Interactive network design the Newark way

I hope these guys really appreciate what we do for them at Timico. First we build them a brand new data centre. Then we put in a state of the art coffee machine closely followed by a kennel. And now they get an interactive white board to play with!!! I’m beginning to feel like a […]

A peek inside the boardroom

Ever wondered what goes on inside a board room? Important decisions? Tea or coffee? Cappucino, Americano, latte?  One sugar or two? All of the above 🙂  Obviously a lot more gets discussed as well and I am pleased to be able to show you our new accommodation. I haven’t yet decided where to sit  – […]

Timico Data Center Build Update – The Inside Story

Progress is rapid with the new data center build. In fact I was to some extent lulled into a false sense of pace (if that’s the right way of putting it) because the photo I take every day from the same spot didn’t seem to be changing much. Casting my photographic net on the other […]

Review of 2009

If you have managed to keep a job in 2009 it has probably not been a bad year for you. For consumers, fuel apart, costs have by and large come down as vendors compete more aggressively in the tough market conditions. In the UK we haven’t started paying for it yet. If you have been […]

Netsumo NOC helter skelter

Paid a visit to Netsumo’s Network Operations Centre today with Ben, our Head of Network Operations. We are looking around at best practice in NOC design and it is always a pleasure to spend time with Netsumo CTO Andy Davidson. Andy is one of life’s genuinely nice guys and very knowledgeable in the Internet Networking […]

New Technical Operations Centre – call for ideas

Having moved the Timico Network Operations Team to Newark this summer I am looking at upgrading our facilities to provide the business with a state of the art Operations Centre. With this in mind if anyone has any inputs on how we might approach this now is the time. If anyone out there who are proud of […]

The buzz of the Network Operations Centre

It always gives me a great buzz to sit in our NOC. It’s because when we started Timico only 4 years ago there were only four of us sat in the room of Tim Radford’s parents’ stable block (it was cheap and there was no room at the inn anyway). Now on a normal working […]