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I moved office on Monday. Actually the boys were in over the weekend doing all the work, but I physically sat in it first thing on Monday morning when I got in. So what, do I hear you say?

This is my eighth office since we started in April 2004. It isn’t that I can’t sit still for long, or keep a good office. We have been growing and I keep getting displaced by an expanding customer services department. Although I “don’t do paper” I do seem to have accumulated a 4 drawer filing cabinet full of it. That however, (or at least the paper in it) is the only physical object I have had to move each time.

Whenever I move office all I have to do is log out of my VoIP phone when I leave, and log on to the new one the next time I am in. My laptop plugs into the network cable emanating from the back of the phone and hey presto, I am up and running again.

When you think about it eight moves probably would traditionally have represented a lot of time spent in doing so – adds, moves and changes were always a high cost item in running an office communications network. Not any longer.

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