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Tref on the BBC with William Wright tonight

I’m on the William Wright show tonight at 18.30 hrs talking about 1, VONGA and 2, the Digital Dales Colloquium and the problems of internet access in rural areas.

You can listen in here.

Trefor Davies

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4 replies on “Tref on the BBC with William Wright tonight”
Just listened on iPlayer, you were bucking frilliant.
Well done. Love the bit about Wennington, can testify it is spot on. VOA will cripple any attempt to upgrade our network. Its an absolute scandal. What we should do is cut all the fibre routes to the cities that run through rural land. Then the cities could make do with an ‘up to 2meg’ pathetic USC and see if they like it. ;0 – only joking.
I think.
PS, the colloquium was brill, it was a fantasmagorical venue, tons better than they had at the FTTH conf at Lisbon I believe. Thanks for your hospitality at Timico

Great interview and a fitting follow-up to last week’s Rural Broadband Colloquium.

Thanks for hosting it – it was a great experience, though my computer has suffered a silicon coronary as a result of connecting at such a high speed. Well worth it though.

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