VONGA is dead – long live FVA? – Openreach

BT has killed off VoNGA. Bit of a shame really because I was kinda fonda VoNGA. Voice over Next Generation Access or VoNGA was BT Openreach’s initial stab at voice over fibre and initially at least notionally aimed at new developments where it didn’t make sense to put legacy voice infrastructure into an exchange. Now […]

MP3 of the BBC interview re VONGA, fibre rates and the Digital Dales Colloquium

Trefor_Davies-Timico-BBC_Radio_Lincolnshire-1_March_09 Click on the above to hear the interview with William Wright on the BBC Lincolnshire Tech Spot on Monday March 1st.  Talk covers VONGA and the Digital Dales Colloquium including the problem of fibre rateable values. Alternatively James Linton of Vegastream has uploaded it to YouTube which streams and might be easier for you.


It’s been quite an amusing afternoon at BT Central in Newgate Street. After the ITSPA council meeting I stayed to moderate the Technical Workshop which covered VONGA and Number Porting. More on Number Porting anon but VONGA, or Voice over Next Generation Access, was an interesting session. BT is, as we all know, rolling out […]