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Bang Bang you're alive VoIP shootout

In case anyone is interested we are doing a VoIP shootout at Comms Business’ Convergence Summit North in Manchester tomorrow. This is a high speed high pressure job where you turn up, plug your kit in and expect it to work first time making phone calls.

It’s actually quite good fun, if somewhat pressure filled – the last time they did it two out of six contestants didn’t manage to get a call up and running. 

Anyone interested in watching should turn up at 14.45.  You will need to be quick on the draw to get a good seat.  Details can be found here.

Note it’s quite unusual to get a VoIP installation that doesn’t go fairly smoothly these days. Service Providers have got their act together, especially when it comes to understanding which bits of kit (routers, firewalls etc) can cause problems.  There is always the exception to the rule of course but as long as the installer knows what he is doing it is rarely anything that can’t be sorted.

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