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Rural Broadband: Mixed Messages for Outlying Communities #digitalbritain #ge2010

In an action (not so packed) Parliamentary session yesterday the Government dropped it’s plans for the 50 pence tax on phone lines. So that’s the money that was going to be used to fund rural broadband access gone then.

On the other hand they also dropped plans to hike tax on cider – so that rural dwellers can continue to drink themselves into oblivion over the fact that they can’t get broadband!  There is a perverse logic in there somewhere.

On a more serious note we really do need to get some people into Parliament that understand technology and the internet.  Based on the last few years experience any one with the right skills would be crazy to want to subject themselves to the scrum and scrutiny (sorry – inappropriate word at the moment I know).

All I can suggest is that we need to appoint some people to the House of Lords who can add to the mix.  I guess we would still have the problem of getting them to turn up – good people young enough to grasp the issues are already busy elsewhere.

PS I know I am guilty here of stereotyping rural dwellers.  Sorry.  I realise that they don’t all drink cider – there’s also moonshine, home brew etc etc 🙂

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