The impact of digital technologies on the mind – House of Lords style

Over my toast this morning I was flicking through last week’s Hansard, as you do. Yaaawn I hear you say. Come now say I. Buried deep in this mountain of sleep inducing text can be found valuable nuggets of information worthy of dissemination to the wider audience. I am here to serve. On 5th December […]

Rural Broadband: Mixed Messages for Outlying Communities #digitalbritain #ge2010

In an action (not so packed) Parliamentary session yesterday the Government dropped it’s plans for the 50 pence tax on phone lines. So that’s the money that was going to be used to fund rural broadband access gone then. On the other hand they also dropped plans to hike tax on cider – so that rural […]

UK cybercrime defences are good says House of Lords but Estonia’s are rubbish

Doesn’t quite match does it? The House of Lords telling us that the UK has strong defences against cybercrime. It is quite possible that your average crusted baronet has no idea what cybercrime is. I’m being a bit unfair here in the interest of humour. This week the House of Lords European Union Committee published […]

Peer 2 Peer Piracy – good lord no!

Had a meeting with BIS this morning as the final opportunity to influence the forthcoming Digital Britain bill. Nothing was said really that hasn’t already been published somewhere. We will know the precise content in a couple of weeks. There is an awful lot of detail that will have to be worked out and with […]

House of Lords inquiry into cyber security

Sub-Committee F (Home Affairs) of the House of Lords Select Committee on the European Union is conducting an inquiry into EU policy on protecting Europe from large scale cyber-attacks. That opening sentence is, in my mind, a great example of beaurocracy in action. I will say however that actually this is a good subject for […]

2009 ITSPA Awards – get yer entries in

The first Annual ITSPA Awards bash last year was a huge success, not least because Timico won the Best Unified Communications provider award!  The event was held in the House of Lords Members Dining Room and had a fantastic turnout. We ended up in a few bars around Westminster and succeeded in not losing the trophy. […]