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Information overload STOP #timmsguidetoIT #debill Stephen Timms Out of Parliament

We have to STOP.  The information society is grinding life to a halt.  There is so much good content out there on tinternet that I am drowning in it.

It is even becoming harder and harder to write relevant blog posts in a timely manner. Points that I might want to get across, links to useful websites etc etc etc have already been distributed, at the speed of light (or copper or air – we don’t all have fibre – believe it or not!) via twitter (mostly) and Facebook.

I rarely distribute this type of information via email anymore.  It is not immediate enough.  Internally I use Instant Messaging. Externally I post on twitter or Facebook. Trouble is I have a day job and can’t spend all my time doing it.

Anyway in the interest of relevance here is a multiple choice question:

Q What does STOP stand for?

Answer – tick one box

STOP = Stephen Timms Out of Parliament?


STOP = STOP – it doesn’t need to be an acronym, just a verb that describes what they should have done to the Digital Economy Bill


STOP = slow down life, I don’t want to get off yet but you are going too quickly 

Finally for those that don’t understand what you are looking for on twitter is #timmsguidetoIT. You can also click here.

PS I actually like Stephen Timms – he is but the messenger here.

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One reply on “Information overload STOP #timmsguidetoIT #debill Stephen Timms Out of Parliament”

Don’t think it will be a problem for you much longer, the dark lord has effectively set us back 10 years with the digital economy bill.
Things will stop and slow down again soon. Ofcom were asked to renew the domain name two weeks ago but the site is still down. BIS can’t do anything about it apparently. The site had lots of info on it about the faults in the debill, and they didn’t want to see it.
It begins.

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