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Advanced registration opens for end of IPv4 address pool party #ICANN #IPv4 #ARIN #RIPE

IPv4 address space is down to 7% on the exhaustion counter – see the right hand column on this blog. 

I’m never sure when it clicks over because I’m not watching it all the time. I’d like to be there when it clicks down a number. It’s a bit like seeing the mileometer in your car click over a significant mileage – as my Peugeot did recently when it hit 240,000 :-).

I started watching IPv4 addresses in January 2009, certainly as far as this blog is concerned. The number dropped below 10% in September 2009 so in 6 or so months another 3% has gone. Not long now.

I’m going to organise a party next year to coincide with the notional IPv4 exhaustion date. If you want to come get your name down here. I envisage this will be an international event.

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