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bringonipv6 event London Transport Museum #ipv6

last /8 block handover by Leo Vegoda of IANA to Nigel Titley of RIPE NCC at

We have moved over IPv4 and brought on IPv6. Last night’s event at the London Transport Museum turned out to be a raging success.

300 or so people queued around the Piazza at Covent Garden to get in. Many more were watching the IPv6 twitter hashtag which had 1,235,715 impressions with exposure to 250,000 people. That’s a huge reach. Thanks to @lesanto for his most professional help here.

I’m not going to try and relive the whole evening in a blog post but I will be publishing videos of the event as soon as the film comes back from Boots the Chemist (only joking – but this high quality video takes a lot of rendering).

Photos are available here thanks to @Paul_Clarke. They are worth a look – this isn’t point and shoot stuff – it is art.

I’ll be thanking all the sponsors and speakers individually but you can see who they are on the event website.

I’m sorry for those of you who couldn’t get tickets or make it to this sold out event – you missed a cracker. More anon.


IPv4 exhaustion likely to happen this week

Word on the street is that APNIC will ask IANA for two /8 blocks of IPv4 addresses this week.  The IPv4 exhaustion counter (embedded here) suggests that there are 8 days to go – we are pretty much at the end.

This will effectively bring the IPv4 saga to a close – once these two blocks are taken then that’s it. All that will remain to do is the release to the 5 Regional Internet Registries of the last 5 blocks – likely to happen during the ICANN meeting in San Francisco in March. There are no other blocks available.

We in the UK are planning our own event in March, post ICANN, to celebrate what really is a historic milestone in the history of the internet. I’ll post more as details firm up.

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IPv4 address pool dropped to 4%

picture courtesy of IANA.orgThe IPv4 address pool dropped to 4% remaining yesterday, or at least that’s when I noticed.

Nov 16 2009 10% – dropped through 400,000,000 mark
Jan 20th 9%
Feb 25th 8%
May 10th 7%
June 2nd 6%
August 5%
Oct 18th 4%

I’m still sticking to my February 24th 2011 date for exhaustion – that’s only 4 months away. The counter currently reads June 6th. Not much in it really.

If anyone is interested in buying a block of IPv4 addresses I have secured sole access rights for the following.

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2 recent slash 8 allocations brings IPv4 x-day forward by 5 months

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has just allocated regional registries RIPE and APNIC a /8 each this month.  For the uninitiated a /8 represents 2 to the power of 24 IP addresses or 167,77,216.

A /8 is the largest block allocation that can be made by IANA and these two have had the effect of bringing forward the x-date, the date for IPv4 exhaustion, by 5 months or so to April 30th 2011.

These blocks are subdivided into smaller subnets for further allocation to ISPs/organisations with smaller requirements  such as BT and Timico. Timico has a variety of block allocations ranging from  /16 to /20’s.

If you want to know more about IP addressing allocations check out wikipedia. The times they are a changing.

Footnote – a day later the date seems to have bounced back to September – don’t know what happened there.  Still not very far off though.

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Advanced registration opens for end of IPv4 address pool party #ICANN #IPv4 #ARIN #RIPE

IPv4 address space is down to 7% on the exhaustion counter – see the right hand column on this blog. 

I’m never sure when it clicks over because I’m not watching it all the time. I’d like to be there when it clicks down a number. It’s a bit like seeing the mileometer in your car click over a significant mileage – as my Peugeot did recently when it hit 240,000 :-).

I started watching IPv4 addresses in January 2009, certainly as far as this blog is concerned. The number dropped below 10% in September 2009 so in 6 or so months another 3% has gone. Not long now.

I’m going to organise a party next year to coincide with the notional IPv4 exhaustion date. If you want to come get your name down here. I envisage this will be an international event.

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IPv6 on the Timico core

As the clock continues to tick on the IPv4 exhaustion counter I note that we have dropped down to 8% of addresses remaining.  I don’t know when this happened but I certainly get the feeling at as we approach the end it is speeding up – I was expecting it to slow down as people conserve address space.

Anyway I’m pleased to say we have now rolled out IPv6 across the Timico core network.  Not open for business yet but we are getting there and we do have a few trialists up and running.

Any bets on when the counter gets to 5%?