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I was spammed on my mobile yesterday.  That is to say I had a cold call from a computer trying to sell legal services for those involved in motoring accidents.

This was extremely irritating – I can’t imagine anyone likes being suckered like this. I have checked and there doesn’t seem to be a telephone preference type service for mobile numbers.

The originating number was 08452860706 which is operated by DXI Easycall, a hosted contact centre business. You can call the number and take your mobile number off their database but you have to listen to the whole ad first.

Ofcom should add mobile numbers to the TPS service. 

I periodically get called on my mobile by real people trying to sell me stuff.  I don’t mind this so much as I sometimes take the opportunity to try and sell our own services to them which confuses the heck out of some sales people.

It does amuse me when I am cold called by people trying to sell me a mobile upgrade which happens a couple of times a year. I can almost see their eyes light up when I tell them I am almost certainly long since out of contract and then they get confused when I tell them I don’t care about getting a new phone and reducing my bills.  If they had proper records they would know that I am a mobile service provider myself, or my company is.

PS I do really care about having lower phone bills – I just tell them that for effect 🙂

PPS I have actually been thinking about getting a new phone – an Android one probably. I’m just waiting for the right one to come along.

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I was once offered a job cold calling. promoting the benefits of broadband (a cause dear to my heart). £17k and a company car to do follow up visits. I turned it down. There is nothing worse than cold calls IMHO and the companies that use call centres should be shut down. No pain is too great to inflict on them. Its a shame ofcom don’t do something useful and use their powers instead of compiling endless reports telling us what we already know.
ps i can’t decide on a phone either. htc desire or iphone? or cheap mobile payg phone + new ipod touch. decisions decisions. let me know what you decide on. Think the touch may win out, using wifi instead of mobile charges appeals greatly. and the camera sounds mega. and facetime free is a skype killer.

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