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WhatsApp spam

WhatsApp spam endemic Aaaargh just received my first WhatsApp spam message. I don’t even use WhatsApp though I do have the App on my droid. It’s getting uninstalled right now. The spam originated from someone who created a group , added me to it, sent the spam and then removed me from the group. Must […]

hmrc scam spam

HMRC scam spam

HMRC scam spam forwarded to my accountant Thought you’d appreciate this public service service announcement re HMRC scam spam. Got the following email text notionally off HMRC and with lots of links: Hello TREFOR.NET, You can’t afford to miss your payment deadline If you submitted a self-assessment form in January, your second payment instalment is […]

spam phone calls

Our records show you work in shipbuilding

Multiple spam phone calls in one day and how I hate being called Mike It all started as I left the tube, just after 8am on Tuesday. The phone rang. No one calls me at that time of day. Unless… The kids have hurt themselves or the office is on fire (metaphorically). Usually something bad. So I […]


How to market online

Or online marketing marketed offline The good old fashioned postman dropped some good old fashioned snail mail through my letterbox. I’m working from home today so excitedly picked the mail up off the floor and flicked through it. One was addressed to “The lovely person who lives at…”. I gave it to son 2 to […]


Can you confirm your company name is self?

01213540949 Was sat on the terrace around the pool yesterday when the phone rang. It was a Birmingham number – 01213540949. I’m not sure I know anyone in brum and toyed with the idea of not answering. I was after all going to be paying for the international leg. I clicked on the green bouton (for […]

Virgin broadband spam aka junk mail

Virgin Media Broadband Spam

Broadband Spam by Virgin Media – aka junk mail. A week or three ago I whinged to Virgin Media on Twitter about their broadband spam. In other words they keep sending me junk mail pitching their broadband packages. I’m sure they are very good but sorry boys, if I want to look at your stuff […]

Virgin spam junk mail

Junk mail register

The junk mail register – start at the bottom of the post for the whole history   7th July Virgin Media 5th July – Policy expert (aaargh more insurance – you guys are the lowest of the low) Update – latest junk is from Legal and General on 21st June. Whilst spam is pretty […]


616 spam comments in 24 hrs

Just done a bit of an experiment. I deleted a load of spam comments from the blog yesterday at 6am and this morning gone back in and counted the little critters again. In just over 24 hours I’ve picked up another 606 spam comments. There may be some legit ones in there but they ain’t gonna […]


London Book Fair 2014 – unsubscribe SPAM

Yesterday I took delivery of a book: “History of the Welsh Baptists from the year 63 to 1770”. I had to refer to this post for the exact dates – I’m on my way to Manchester, the book is at home and the acknowledgement email cuts the title off at the number 6. I’m happy […]

Selling your contact information – who does it?

One of the things I’ve been looking forward to in life post Timico is having a cleaner inbox. I don’t get spam using Gmail and the platform very kindly filters most commercial mails in to a tab called “Promotions”. This I love. I do look occasionally and note that the mails are typically from rewards […]


Gmail update – Google+ comment

Got an email yesterday from Google about a change to Gmail. Everyone probably got the same mail. Certainly the mainstream media made big news of it, in the tech sections. When you are sending an email from a gmail account you will now be offered Google+ account holders as recipients of the mail. One site, […]

Google blocking Microsoft Office365 mail as spam

I note from Twitter this morning that Google is blocking some emails from Microsoft Office365  to Gmail recipients as spam. The message reads: [ 1] Our system has detected an unusual rate of unsolicited mail originating from your IP address  I note also that the ip address is ascribed to AS8075 (ours is AS8607  fwiw – […]

Tesco spam phone calls

Tesco spam – more expensive than ham!

Tesco spam more expensive than ham. It’s the weekend so I thought we’d have a bit of fun. Just been to Tesco to get a few staples – bread, milk, custard. As ever I left with far more in my trolley than what was on my list. Passing the tinned meats section I spotted some […]

Louis Vuitton spam

Just emptied around 1,600 spam comments – good ole Akismet. Lots of it is for Louis Vuitton stuff. I’ve never thought about buying anything from Louis Vuitton. Paying more than twenty quid for any sort of bag seems excessive to me. I was in a taxi in London on Friday and we passed the Louis […]


spam blocking strategies

I am pretty aggressive in protecting my gmail account from unwanted email. The Timico mail is beyond redemption after years of attending trade shows although my strategy of signing up as The Reverend or Lord Trefor Davies seems to be working. Any mail or phone calls I get for one of those titles gets shoved […]



I like to occasionally click on the unsubscribe link on unsolicited emails, ie spam. It makes me feel better even though I know it isn’t going to make a blind bit of difference to the amount of crap that comes through to my inbox. Sometimes I block the user and sometimes I even respond to […]

Does this person come from the double glazing industry?

Hello Enterprise Management 360 along with Gartner and IDC will be distributing a comprehensive research on Building bridges with real-time Optimized Data Center Infrastructure Management with key content from Emerson, a leading infrastructure Management Industry You have been selected out of 100 executives you will also have a No Obligation opportunity to speak with an […]

Unsubscribe UKTI

I’ve just unsubscribed from the UK Trade and Industry mailing list. I think I must have got on it from being at the Global Business Summit at Lancaster House during the Olympics. They need to improve their data base. I’ve just been spammed with an invitation to “Business Hindi for Beginners”. Previously it was “Meet […]


Automated spam calls to mobile – what to do

The scam business continues. Just got what I think was another PPI mis-selling call via automated call to my mobile. The originating number was 07588034908. I was expecting a call and was just trying to figure out if this was it at the same time as answering the phone so I missed the first half […]

I wish there was a global unsubscribe button

It’s that time on a Friday afternoon when a young man’s mind strays off the subject of work and onto lighter matters.  Spring has arrived. Benevolent lovely spring that prises open daffodils and encourages birds to raise their bright eyed heads to the sky in full voice. Girls smile and bring gladness to the heart. […]


Akismet is a seriously good spam catcher

Akismet is a seriously good spam catcher. I just took a look at the comments it has trapped recently. Not clicked on any of the links but there is a wonderful range of products being pushed: pre-workout supplements, SEO, LA Weightloss (to offset the pre workout supplements presumably), healthy food ideas, free online background checks, […]


08452860706 keyword has attracted 346 visits to in September

The search keyword  08452860706 has attracted 346 visits to this month.  This was a surprise because the most popular keywords by far relate to FTTC. 08452860706 takes people to a blog post concerning mobile spam from a company called DXI Easycall. It would appear that this problem is fairly prevalent and presumably unpopular. These visitors, none of […]


Gmail Priority Inbox – why wouldn’t you use it?

My email experience is a divided one. I use Microsoft Outlook for work stuff and I use gmail for play. Actually that isn’t entirely true as uses gmail but that is a kind of hybrid work/play site. New in at Google is the Gmail Priority Inbox which prioritises your mails for you. Google’s anti […]


mobile spam

I was spammed on my mobile yesterday.  That is to say I had a cold call from a computer trying to sell legal services for those involved in motoring accidents. This was extremely irritating – I can’t imagine anyone likes being suckered like this. I have checked and there doesn’t seem to be a telephone […]


Anti spam best practice

You may have noted the spam theme of my posts this week.  This is because we are in the process of upgrading our anti spam capabilities. The management of spam is a hugely complex process and involves many factors contributing to a scorecard against which an email is rated.   There is a general set […]

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