Pigeon vs broadband trailer on the BBC

Audio of a trailer intereview I did with the BBC last night talking about the rerun of the South African broadband versus pigeon race but in the UK this Thursday.

Update 17.20 15th Sept

There is a fair bit of media interest in this event with live radio interviews for BC Humberside and BBC Lincolnshire for tomorrow’s breakfast shows, mid morning and drivetime on BBC Lincolnshire as well as extensive  TV coverage on Look North. The BBC main news website is also covering the event.

Look out for the  rory&tref  hashtag on twitter during the day.  Rory and Tref are the two pigeons that will be carrying the microSD cards (Rory Stewart is the MP for Penrith).  Check out the Cumbrian Rural Broadband event he is organising here.

On a side note we will know the exact time of arrival of the pigeons back in the loft because they will be RF ID tagged. I am expecting a convincing  avian victory.

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6 thoughts on “Pigeon Versus Broadband Update Rory and Tref

  1. cyberdoyle says:

    congratulations! you did good. Don’t think the stig needs to worry though… #trefandrory on twitter for all the updates you missed on the road.

  2. John Hunt says:

    So what was the transfer rate?!


    1. Trefor Davies tref says:

      John – by my calculations it was doing 533kbps or so :) though the datarate is very much dependent on line/flight length. Obviously had we only been sending over a mile or so it would have been a lot quicker – it is a fundamental rule of rural internet conectivity.

  3. Next time, put them up against the USO. Oh, that’s not symmetrical 2Mbps is it? If this hasn’t proved, for all but the biggest sceptics, that our broadband is pants, nothing ever will.

    Well done Tref, Chris, Guy, farmers, pigeons, and our road network for failing to allow Tref to do his full-on Stig impression – oooh, Harper Collins on the line for ya, Tref….

    Meanwhile, JFDI FTTH!!

  4. I’m just sad that the barber shop video clip wasn’t longer :) . No but seriously, good job to all involved. ISP review saw a lot of interest in the article we ran from right around the world and I think around 10,000 – 11,000 people, including front page viewers, have probably read the article. Still doesn’t beat our 54k record for a BT news item we ran in 2009 but so far it’s the top story this week and month.

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