Pigeon Versus Broadband Update Rory and Tref

The great Pigeon Versus Broadband race began when the birds were set off at 11.05, and they clocked in at the loft 1hr 15 minutes later. At that time the broadband upload to YouTube was only 24% complete, and then only after having to reset it as the connection was dropped.

The distance according to Google maps was 75 miles and according to Unikon pigeon specialist Ray Knight the straight line flight path was 65 miles I believe (I am assuming they flew in a straight line).

We killed the upload after around three hours when it was 60% or so through.  You have to excuse the element of vagueness there – chasing pigeons takes a lot of concentration.

The pigeons got back a significant amount of time before I did but I was hampered by the Humber Bridge road toll (the pigeons got off free with that one but at least I kept the receipts) and the fact that I headed down the M180 in the wrong direction.

My thanks go to farmer’s wife Michelle Brumfield who gamely participated in the experiment even though she didn’t know me from Adam, Ray Knight (ditto) and Frank Tasker who was the owner of the two genuinely champion racing pigeons Rory and Tref. 

Rory came in 1 second ahead of Tref I am sad to say but reality was it was a dead heat – they arrived as a team. Rory was just theonewho wanted his bird seed the most.

I’ll post some pics later and the video once I have compiled it much later.

PS I have read some posts saying that the Pigeons flew back to Wrangle in Lincolnshire.  In fact we released 12 pigeons in all, 10 of which went to Wrangle and the two champs,m Rory and Tref flew back to a different loft in Croft near Skegness.  The distances are different.

For the cognoscenti amongst us the two pigeon RF ID tags were GB10X15447 (Rory – arr 12.20.51) and GB10X1355 (Tref arr 12.21.18)

Short clip of the actual tref at the barbers video

Michelle Brumfield and Trefor Davies release pigeons Rory and Tref with the assistance of Ray Knight from Unikon

Michelle Brumfield and Trefor Davies release pigeons Rory and Tref with the assistance of Ray Knight from Unikon - photo by Simon Renilson

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2 thoughts on “Haircut Video – Complete and Unexpurgated (Pigeon Versus Broadband)

  1. My fiancée just asked me why I was watching a video of a man getting his hair cut, after attempting to explain I realised that there was no justifiable defence to be had and stopped 45 seconds in :) . We’re getting married tomorrow so about 100 people will soon know that I was watching a video of Tref’s haircut.. well that’s some extra pigeon PR for you, of a sort.

    1. Trefor Davies tref says:

      Thanks for the amusing feedback. Have a fantastic wedding day and a great honeymoon and although I don’t know her send your fiancee my regards.

      All the best

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