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1001 things to do with an iPad – #573 – the beermat

the versatility of modern technology explored - the iPad

The simpler the invention the bigger the impact. Think about the wheel and it’s revolutionary effect on our society. Well the iPad is no different – it has found a million uses in our technologically driven  world.

Use  #573 – the beermat or beer tray. Surf to your favourite websites whilst finding a safe and stable home for your beer.

The iPad: simplicity itself.

Vital statistics:
Pub: The Victoria, Union Road, Lincoln
Beer: Timothy Taylors Landlord

Trefor Davies

By Trefor Davies

Liver of life, father of four, CTO of, writer, poet,

2 replies on “1001 things to do with an iPad – #573 – the beermat”

You are spot on Somerset though these do tend to have a habit of breaking 🙂

Whilst this was intended to be a one off bit of fun I do sense a series coming on. Suggestions are all welcome.

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