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webrtc coming of age

How WebRTC will deliver contextual communication and AI in the contact centre

Contextual communication, AI and chatbots are on track to revolutionise the way we communicate, prompting experts to herald the dawn of a major communications revolution. What about the contact centre, and how does WebRTC underpin this shift towards improved customer engagement? More than just chatbots Most of us have already grown accustomed to talking more […]


NANOG 66 is in San Diego by the sea @LONAP

NANOG 66 – bring your shorts One of the downsides perhaps of being in the internet plumbing industry is that your Facebook timeline constantly fills up with people  off to conferences in exotic places. Even when they aren’t off to a meeting people are still off to exotic places as they spend their air miles. This week […]

rangemaster cooker service

The local wide web and the Rangemaster cooker service

Rangemaster cooker service – does your cooker need one? is back in action for 2016 after a very refreshing Christmas and New Year break. Most of you who are friends on Facebook will have seen what I’ve been up to and you can follow my daily non-work-ish diary over on In the meantime […]

oyster card refund

Oyster refund yay?

Yay an Oyster card refund I’m rich! No wait a minute… Dear Huw Davies Due to an operational issue, you are due a payment of £2.90. This is now ready for collection at Camden Town. Payment correction details: Reason: Payment correction because of an operational issue Value: £2.90 Reference: 5272976 Collection location: Camden Town Status: […]

oneplus one battery life 12.1-YOG4PAS2QL

12.1-YOG4PAS2QL has just destroyed my battery life

The new reduced 12.1-YOG4PAS2QL battery life As I was fiddling about on my laptop last night in front of The Apprentice, earphones in listening to music and concentrating intensely on my laptop screen to avoid all contact with aforementioned TV programme which I detest intensely, an offer of a firmware update for my Oneplus One came in. 12.1-YOG4PAS2QL. I […]

WebRTC Apps Competition

Winners of Genband WebRTC Apps Competition

Metronet win prestigious WebRTC Apps competition. The WebRTC apps competition we ran in conjunction with/sponsored by GENBAND came up with three clear leaders and one eventual winner. One entry showed how WebRTC would be monetized and the others presented their solution it as an an overlay to existing support services. The idea was that entrants […]

WebRTC Apps Competition finalist

Second WebRTC Apps Competition finalist

WebRTC Apps Competition finalist DRD Communications. The WebRTC apps competition we ran in conjunction with/sponsored by GENBAND came up with three clear leaders and one eventual winner. One entry actually showed how WebRTC would be monetized and the others presented their solution it as an an overlay to existing support services. The idea was that […]

webrtc apps competition

GENBAND Summer of Apps WebRTC Competition finalist Manor IT

WebRTC apps competition winners include monetisation of the technology The WebRTC apps competition we ran in conjunction with/sponsored by GENBAND came up with three clear leaders and one eventual winner. One entry actually showed how WebRTC would be monetized and the others presented their solution it as an an overlay to existing support services. The […]


WhatsApp spam

WhatsApp spam endemic Aaaargh just received my first WhatsApp spam message. I don’t even use WhatsApp though I do have the App on my droid. It’s getting uninstalled right now. The spam originated from someone who created a group , added me to it, sent the spam and then removed me from the group. Must […]

Genband WebRTC hackathon

WebRTC week on

  GENBAND WebRTC Week Once more it’s WebRTC week on The last time we did this the week was very kindly sponsored by our good friends at ipcortex. Their CEO Rob Pickering assembled a great collection of guest posts on the subject which were very widely shared. This week’s posts are sponsored by global voice […]

sentiment analysis experiment

Sentiment analysis experiment ends

Sentiment analysis experiment ends I’ve ditched sentiment analysis as a metric on the website. The idea that we might be able to rate broadband providers according to social media sentiment was a good one but in reality most people commenting on their broadband provider were slagging them off (to use the venacular).  Most positive […]

Slightly confused of Lincoln

HP printer delivery either 09.13 or 13.56 You see before you a bewildered bloke. One where there is a risk of extremes of emotions on this, a pleasant if slightly breezy English summer’s day. My HP printer delivery is either going to be at 09.13 or 13.56. Coming out of the pool changing room this morning […]

HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw

I bought a printer

HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw Good news – Your order for the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw has been accepted and we will start processing it now.  We will send you an email once your order has been dispatched. You can track to your order online at any time by signing in to […]

Technology: a generation gap or fear of the unknown?

Fear of tech – can’t understand it meself 🙂 Zoe Easey is a web dev and co-founder of Epix Media. She discusses the fear of tech and whether it is a generational thing. I have friends and work contacts that constantly profess “I don’t do tech” which scares me a little – how can you […]

women in tech

Women in tech week social stats

Women in tech week on attracts high level of social media engagement It looks as if we will be carrying one or two women in tech week posts over into this week but as of this morning the statistics look very good. 12 posts received a total of 694 shares split as follows: 275 […]

linkedin group

The conversation is moving to a few places online

LinkedIn group – maturing marketing tool Got this LinkedIn mail. Spam really but let he who is without guilt cast the first stone. It’s promoting a specific LinkedIn group. Dear Trefor, Do you have an interest in keeping up with current and future trends concerning the technology industry? Do you have an opinion on how technology […]


I used Skype Out yesterday

My six monthly Skype call I used Skype Out yesterday. I’d previously had an email from Skype telling me my Skype Out account had been frozen because I hadn’t used it recently. That’s because Skype is quite expensive compared to other VoIP services so I dropped it. Still had about £6.60 in there though and […]

liver building

Working away from home & Natter

Natter Natter Natter Oy Oy Oy The nature of the modern world is that people frequently have to travel as part of their job. In the internet plumbing game this is even more the case. I don’t think I’ve ever worked in an industry that has more conferences and meetings. In the UK alone there […]

Sky News on Snapchat

Obvious one really. Nobody wants to watch repeats of the news so Snapchat seems to me to be the perfect vehicle for it. This is why Sky News and Sky Sports have announced a new Snapchat app. The one thing I have had against Snapchat, apart from the unwanted spam from Team Snapchat that I can’t […]

uc executive dinner voice recognition cloud provider survey technology marketing

Randomly dictated

voice recognition Giving the kids a lift to school this morning. T I thought i’d fill in some time was waiting for the kids to get ready by randomly dictating a post. New line I i also did this yesterday from the cafe in the office because i didn’t have a key with me and […]

encryption adult content filter snoopers charter revisited TalkTalk Router Security Flaw ashley madison

A quick guide to problems that will arise if we implement further internet surveillance measures

Snoopers Charter revisited The aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo murders has lead to goverment and opposition calling for more internet surveillance. Here are a few points for your consideration. Storing this data will inevitably result in it being hacked, left on a train/taxi on a laptop/memory stick and details of a government minister affair with […]

black friday

Black Friday stuff

Black’s Black Friday – 15% off full priced items I was lying in bed this morning when Black Friday was all over the news. If this blog is the only media you ever take notice of you need to know that Black Friday is an Americun import designed to try and make people rush to […]

dead chromebook motherboard

This Chromebook is Dead

Deceased, kaput, no longer of this world – dead Chromebook motherboard It is with a tinge of no real sadness that I present to you an image of a dead Chromebook motherboard. The Samsung Chromebook too is dead, on account of the non functioning motherboard. It wasn’t a huge loss because these things are so […]

Bad links

Google webmaster guidelines This is an interesting one. I got home last night from London having been to a charity lunch at Lords Cricket Ground as a guest of my friend Mehdi Nezarati of esna. It was a great afternoon and will suffice to tell you that lunch was timetabled to finish at 18.30 for […]


Slack Instant Messaging

Using Slack Instant Messaging for our LONAP communications Just trying out Slack Instant Messaging for now. My first reaction when one of the boys suggested it was “oh no, not another IM system. Why can’t we just use hangouts, or messenger, or anything we already have.” I’ve changed my mind. Having a system that is […]

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