IPv4 exhaustion likely to happen this week

Word on the street is that APNIC will ask IANA for two /8 blocks of IPv4 addresses this week.  The IPv4 exhaustion counter (embedded here) suggests that there are 8 days to go – we are pretty much at the end.

This will effectively bring the IPv4 saga to a close – once these two blocks are taken then that’s it. All that will remain to do is the release to the 5 Regional Internet Registries of the last 5 blocks – likely to happen during the ICANN meeting in San Francisco in March. There are no other blocks available.

We in the UK are planning our own event in March, post ICANN, to celebrate what really is a historic milestone in the history of the internet. I’ll post more as details firm up.

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  1. Oh noes.. the end of the world is neigh (*awaits Daily Mail article about an internet crash or destruction*).

    I for one shall welcome our new IPv6 overlords, just as soon as our own webhost updates to support it.

  2. Matthew Smith

    I happen to know of one Class B address range that was allocated back in the eighties to a company that has long since been deceased, which has not been used for at least 10 years (probably more).

    The administrator of the domain is still registered as the owner even though he left the company 15 years ago. He’s tried to ‘give it back’ but he’s finding it hard to get anyones interest.

    How many more ranges are sitting dormant like these?

  3. Alot I’d imagine I know someone in a similar situation.

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