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The day we nearly lost the internet #ipv6

Euphoric from the success of we hit the town in London last night. Adrian Kennard of AAISP had brought along his “internet in a box” as a laugh.

For those of you not in the know the TV programme “IT Crowd” have a box with a flashing LED light on top of it that they tell their manager is “the internet”.

So we went out to a pub with an identical copy of this box. Plonking it on the bar we asked the barmaid if she knew what it was. The completely unprompted response was “it’s the internet”.  Result!!!

Of course this was a huge responsibility. Having just left a party to celebrate “the end of the internet as we know it” imagine the furore had we actually gone and “lost” the internet due to carelessness in a bar. Brings back memories of the FA Cup…

Thanks to Adrian for the photo – click to see more of it.

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4 replies on “The day we nearly lost the internet #ipv6”

Glad the ‘internet’ is in safe hands! 🙂

blog feedback:
It might only be me, but… After Clicking your header images I often close the page and lose your blog! Perhaps you could put images in a ‘lightbox’ or at the least open in a ‘new window’.
If it’s just me, don’t worry 🙂

Thanks. I used to have the pics opening in a new window but then found/believed that best practice was not to do that. Not sure if there really is a hard and fast rule.

My various browsers are configured to create a new tab when I center-click on links. This works fine except for JavaScript links that want to do a “lightbox” effect. Then I grumble about the lack of a yellow-JS flag (IOW – Here Be JavaScript), kill the blank tab, and left-click on the link.

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