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bringonipv6 event London Transport Museum #ipv6

last /8 block handover by Leo Vegoda of IANA to Nigel Titley of RIPE NCC at

We have moved over IPv4 and brought on IPv6. Last night’s event at the London Transport Museum turned out to be a raging success.

300 or so people queued around the Piazza at Covent Garden to get in. Many more were watching the IPv6 twitter hashtag which had 1,235,715 impressions with exposure to 250,000 people. That’s a huge reach. Thanks to @lesanto for his most professional help here.

I’m not going to try and relive the whole evening in a blog post but I will be publishing videos of the event as soon as the film comes back from Boots the Chemist (only joking – but this high quality video takes a lot of rendering).

Photos are available here thanks to @Paul_Clarke. They are worth a look – this isn’t point and shoot stuff – it is art.

I’ll be thanking all the sponsors and speakers individually but you can see who they are on the event website.

I’m sorry for those of you who couldn’t get tickets or make it to this sold out event – you missed a cracker. More anon.

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From Webster’s Seventh NCD :
impetus – [1a] a driving force; [1b] incentive
impetuous – [1] marked by force and violence
@ James Firth – I believe the first one (“impetus”) is what you intended.

I suspect that once the ISP’s get their thumbs out they will find plenty of IPv6 support on the servers and on the clients. The demand for addresses is creeping up in the form of smart phones and smart meters. Just keep in mind that a typical house could use five addresses easily – meters for electricity, gas, and water; an Internet terminus / router; and some sort of gadget (phone, pad, game console, workstation, or server). Our host’s household has more than a dozen gadgets, several of which might benefit from having a fixed IPv6 address.
Per ardua, ad astra

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