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Android security flaw

If nobody else reads this blog then at least I have the staff at Timico who are always throwing up suggestions for posts. This morning it was about an Android security flaw where, according to the University of ULM, older versions of the OS are vulnerable to hacks that can steal your data.

Sky News reports that only the latest phones with system version 2.3.4 have had the leak plugged, meaning that 99.7% of handsets could be targeted. I parked the idea until I had finished my slides for next week’s AGM then lo and behold my own Android phone offered me a firmware upgrade. I am now safely running version 2.3.4 thanks to HTC and Android. Good timing I thought:)

It is worth thinking about though as the consumerisation of the workplace gathers pace. How many Android phones are used by staff in your office that might have this vulnerability? It would seem that the case for managing personal smart phones in the offices grows daily. This isn’t something you will necessarily want to leave to chance.

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See, Android thinks of everything. Security scares like this prevent us from becoming too smug and displaying the undesirable traits exhibited by certain other smartphone users! 😉

Definitely should be considered a feature

It’s not quite as easy for some! 🙁
I’ve just checked and there’s no update for me.

My Android/HTC is via Virgin and it took an age to get Froyo 2.2 – who’s your provider?

Virgin made all sorts of excuses for the length of time it took to go from 2.1 > 2.2
Google tests this, Virgin tests that, then Google again, etc. etc.

Phone software isn’t like Windows/OSx – phone providers like to stamp all their branding over things!

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