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Thought it was about time you had a progress update on the new Timico datacenter build. It is currently very much on schedule. Nice bit of cladding going on as you can see. The bricked up windows are going to be cosmetic – datacenters don’t need windows.  It will also have cold aisle cooling. This is an improvement on the traditional hot aisle where the hot air is contained between racks.  If you think about it it can’t be efficient to have people walking about in cold air warming it up with their body heat. There is still a lot of work to be done but so far so good. Opening night party invites will be sent out in the autumn.

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Just remember to make sure that the top-secret 3D CPU research centre is fully protected from invasion by robots from the future. It does have a slight Cyberdyne air about it (Terminator 2 tm) 🙂 . This may or may not involve needing to hire Christian Bale to shout and scream a lot.

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