Where there is technology there is art

I am often asked for updates on the progess of the new Timico data centre in Newark. This is most easily done in pictorial fashion. It’s nearly done. We are moving kit in. No desks yet but there is now a steady stream of engineers popping over, doing stuff. We have a reception desk. More […]

The Cloud — Now is the Time to Invest

I attended a “Cloud Computing – security, market development and prospects for the G Cloud” forum in Whitehall yesterday morning. It’s a big topic and there were lots of messages to take away. The G Cloud programme is the government’s effort to move away from an expensive and silo’d server centric estate that in 2009 […]

Timico Data Center Build Update – The Inside Story

Progress is rapid with the new data center build. In fact I was to some extent lulled into a false sense of pace (if that’s the right way of putting it) because the photo I take every day from the same spot didn’t seem to be changing much. Casting my photographic net on the other […]