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#DEAct Early Day Motion needs your MP’s support

MP for Cambridge, Julian Huppert has proposed an EDM entitled “Disconnection Of Users From The Internet” which calls up the report of the Special Rapporteur on Free Expression, Frank de la Rue, to the Human Rights Council of United Nations.

The report, covered last week on this blog comes out against web blocking and expresses  `alarm’ at the Digital Economy Act 2010.

This is an opportunity for you to chase your MP to get him or her to sign up and support this motion.  If you don’t know what his is about search for the DEAct on this blog.

Trefor Davies

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One reply on “#DEAct Early Day Motion needs your MP’s support”

I suggest everyone uses – its really easy to find your mp and drop them a quick email. Only takes a couple of minutes, literally. If you have an internet connection that is, and presumably you do if you are reading this.
Spare a thought for the millions that don’t btw. Lots in rural areas still on dial up and many urban areas have very limited access due to faulty old phone lines and distance from exchanges. You could also mention that when you write to your MP about the total scam that passes for the name of a ‘digital economy act’ aka #deact which only got through parliament on washup and is not fit for purpose. Pretty much the same as calling this country ‘digitalbritain’. What a joke we are turning into.

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