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Initial thoughts on Google+

Received an invite to Google + yesterday (many thanks to James Fairweather). Initial thoughts are that it could have potential.  The homepage format is not too dissimilar to Facebook but it seems to be easier to find contacts and the Circles feature looks as if I might be able to easily filter who gets what information. I have already deleted one circle though as I don’t think I can manage too many.

Slight cautionary note and that is when you sign up to the mobile version it assumes by default that you want to upload every photo taken on your phone and allow access to your location. The former could work out very expensive and the latter I am uncomfortable with.  I unchecked both boxes.

Not going to say much more at this point as invitations are still switched off and I think I need more than three contacts on Google+ to have an informed view as to how good a platform it is.  Also if hardly anyone else is on it then I wouldn’t want to be seen to be gloating (well probably not) to those who aren’t.

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if you have photos in picasa it links to them (mega) and if you make a circle, put some friends in it, then click on one of your albums and share the link it sends them it by email, they view the album, then it lets them in to +. good hack.

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