Google buys Motorola Mobility – will Microsoft follow suit with Nokia?

We do live in exciting times. The acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google turns the pressure on Nokia/Microsoft. Don’t have a crystal ball but it isn’t hard to imagine Microsoft acquiring Nokia leaving us, with Apple, a three horse race.

The interesting question is what happens to the other phone vendors? It becomes increasingly difficult to imaging RIM, HP and any other vendor with their own OS making any headway in this market and the pure hardware vendors (in this case) such as HTC and Samsung must be concerned despite the placatory noises coming out of Google. I guess if nothing else it will heighten their need to maintain competitiveness which is good.

Motorola brings huge benefits to Google: a large patent portfolio, hardware nouse and a resource of developers. I recently took a look at Motorola’s Xoom (online only – there is a limit to how many gadgets I can afford to buy and I’m not ready to buy another tablet yet) and it looked like a good first attempt.  I’m looking forward to seeing the products that come out of this acquisition and I would think that the staff at Motorola Mobile are on a high.

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2 thoughts on “It pays to shop around – Dell Inspiron M501R

  1. PhilT says:

    ” It isn’t going to be expensive to replace when the time comes ”

    – if that turns out to be tomorrow, because he stood on the screen in his bedroom, you may regret that statement :-)

    1. Trefor Davies tref says:

      Fair enough Phil. Also I’m not sure he has any cash reserves to cover such eventualities but we can’t go through life wrapped in cotton wool :)

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